Imagine taking all your customer's orders right at their table, reducing steps, traffic, and confusion.  Payment of guest checks is the most important step in a transaction. Our wireless products provide accuracy and flexibility effortlessly, with table-side convenience.. leaving no room for errors.  

With our wireless network connection, all orders print straight to assigned kitchen printers. We use two of the most reputable handheld PC manufacturers in the industry, Compaq and Hitachi. These user friendly systems can be yours at an affordable price.  

This ultra slim wireless has functions and application much bigger than its size. Compaq quality and technology combined with Tiger Touch software, a reliable union that can't be beat.  Prices vary according to your specifications, contact us for a quote.


This tough system is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a hospitality setting. Hitachi products are tried and true, customized to your data management needs by Tiger Touch.  Prices vary according to your specifications,  contact us for a quote.