Our software systems are equipped with a wide range of applications, fully customizable to suit your needs.  Easy to learn and easy to set up, the graphic interfaces provide the most simple data management solutions available in the industry.


Server can add to/print checks for individual seats in large parties.
Allows separate, single, or group checks to be printed at any time.
Print/Reprint checks when requested.
Quick display of server's cash tender -- calculate change for customer.
Quick product description look-up. A great feature to help new employees.
Accurate Cash out every time.


End-of-day reports for the shift or for the day.
Allows 'batch' of reports to be printed.
View daily sales and tickets in a flash. Record all cancelled, deleted, voided and discounted order
Allow you to modify menu item list or modify lists as desired.
Allows manager to transfer tables between servers, or change server between shifts.
Manager can preset their own coupon with Expired date and conditions to print on every customer's receipt.


Will allow you to print individual order items on different printers.
Establish multiple remote printers for menu items.
Items sorted in "kitchen slip" when printed.
Central Print: if selected, will print entire order to food distributor or food Packer.


Magnetic strip employee security card system.
Unlimited levels of security passwords, easily maintained or changed.
Allows discount of any amount or percentage, with security and item control.
Add a coupon, cancel an order and void a ticket with individual manager's password protection.


Records detailed activities for later analysis or reporting.
Records check payment and payment method. Also allows for recording of gratuities.
Improve efficiency and remove mistakes in taxes and total calculations.
Payroll report with multiple department per employee is painless with Tiger Touch Back Office.


Credit Card feature---Process all major credit card through Tiger Touch's P.O.S.
Phone-In, Pick-Up & Delivery feature also available.
Inventory: track your food cost, pour cost. Gives you accurate count in seconds.
Hostess Module - dining room blue print. Record the activity of each table.
Optional Features are available at an additional cost.

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