The Tiger Touch Mission
Our mission is to develop advanced applications for the hospitality industry 
that are fully integrated to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and 
elevate the level of service provided to customers. We specialize in 
providing our customers with Very affordable, Quality restaurant POS touch 
screen systems.

All systems come with our company's exclusive restaurant data management software that can be customized to any specification. Your satisfaction is our concern, so we strive to provide our customers with absolute attention, ensuring prompt services that rival the corporate giants. 

Our Products
Our products are fully integrated with multiple credit card processing 
capability, very end user friendly which help increase efficiency and reduce 
operating costs. For the restaurant industry, Tiger Touch provides 
solutions that combine unified access point-of-sale, Back-office and Reports 
applications. Tiger Touch systems run on standard Windows operating 
platforms. Tiger Touch also offers its custom designed hardware developed 
specifically for the harsh environments of the hospitality industry.

Our Customers
Our customers vary from table service, counter service, Delivery service and Phone-In service for restaurants. Best of all, we specialize in quick order turnaround, affordable and prompt shipment.

Our Customers count on the reliability and expertise of Tiger Touch POS. Try us. and you will too.

Our Guarantee
Our mid-range size provides us the unique ability to take the time to analyze the individual requirements of each client while still being able to draw from a depth of experience.

 If you donít find what you are looking for on our website, just call us. We understand and appreciate the unique requirements of each store location. We are dedicated to customizing your new POS System to ensure that it will accommodate your individual store layout, budget, and volume. We offer our expertise to assist you in determining what components best suit your operation; YOU make the final decision.