What is POS?
POINT-OF-SALE.  The Tiger Touch systems are a reliable POS application designed with an intuitive user interface (either touch screen or keyboard). The flexible design allows for many different store configurations, display options and expandability. Our systems are designed to be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with the full-featured back office system.

Point Of Sale (POS) is the most widely accepted touch-based application in the hospitality market. In an industry where employee turnover is high, simplifying POS operations has resolved a major issue. For hospitality applications, touch is the most natural interface between people and technology. Our systems' natural, direct interface helps reduce training time and operator error. A touch-enabled, graphical user interface enhances time sensitive operations from the reservation area to kitchen. 

Touch-based systems do much more than speed up customer processing.  Various businesses are using the systems to capture and analyze detailed transaction data, while building a comprehensive customer database to help them better manage their businesses. Our systems can analyze the following information:

counter information
Better Business Management
"...Our customers report significantly increased peak-sales volume capability, while actually reducing labor costs!"
  delivery information
dine-in information
labor scheduling
inventory control
management reporting


How can my business benefit from a P.O.S. System?
Data Management
The Tiger Touch Restaurant Data Management Series is a unique series of integrated applications that helps you build success through every level of your enterprise, from making sure each customer gets the right order on time to controlling prices, menus, and profits on a chain-wide basis. It is scalable so it can serve your needs at many levels whether you’re a neighborhood restaurant or a worldwide chain.

Manager's Workstation
Tiger Touch offers back office solutions that works with the POS system to provide an enterprise-wide management solution. Our applications are Microsoft Windows based products which utilizes the Borland database engine to provide important operational information such as sales, inventory/food cost, and labor to several different locations including in-store or a remote headquarters in an easy-to-use format.

Labor Management
Labor Management is an integrated human resources application designed to support the recurrent, high-maintenance requirements of employee data management. Its comprehensive modules help control your restaurant's labor resources to minimize labor cost and maximize productivity.


What results can my business expect?
The result: a speedier, more organized service and happier customers who keep coming back. 
Tiger Touch gives you the maximum benefits of a totally integrated POS management system that is both easy to learn and easy to set up.

Finally, everything that a retailer needs from inventory control to tracking customer purchases.  Let us help you to turn your computer into a POS data management system!

How can I justify the expense of a computer system for my location?
Consider these costly problems commonly found at many stores without the benefits of a full POS systems:

math errors
items not charged for
unreadable orders
inconsistent pricing
uncontrolled food and labor costs
bad checks

Just to name a few. Stores that use automation manage higher sales volumes with fewer mistakes, and less labor costs.   Your Tiger Touch system will eliminate costly mistakes before they happen!  

Tiger Touch POS not only replaces your cash register, time clock, and bookkeeper, it also provides the platform to completely automate every aspect of your operation. Automated ordering can dramatically reduce the time required to place an order, while increasing accuracy and control of the process. Kitchen printers reduce steps, traffic, and confusion. Drivers are provided clear and accurate delivery information to get orders out quickly, and safely. Managers are provided vital daily, weekly, and monthly sales statistics within seconds.

What if I need software customization for my operation?
Tiger Touch POS has been designed and developed from the ground up from the comments and suggestions of our user-base. We are one of a handful of POS vendors that actually customize our product for your specific needs.

Who builds your systems?
Each system is built from the ground up, here in our on-site production facility. Our product specialists work directly with you through the production phase to verify your menu, inventory, and street list (delivery). Other site-specific requirements are pre-configured to match your specifications.

How difficult is it to set up a system? What are my options?
While Tiger Touch offers the option for complete on-site installation, in most situations, it is cost-effective for the operator to setup their system with the help of our technicians only a phone call away. Complete custom setup diagrams, cables, and documentation are what makes this a very sensible and realistic option.

Isn't training of a new system time consuming and difficult?
All Tiger Touch POS products were designed with a single primary objective: to be easy to learn and operate. Training has been made even easier with on screen prompts to guide users throughout the system.  With our simple, intuitive user interface, first-time users can be trained and taking orders within minutes. 

If you have any questions that were not answered on our FAQ pages about how Tiger Touch POS systems can help you, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.

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