Our most economical system, the Robot POS All-in-one 13.3" TFT touch screen  provides the best value of all our products. For a very competitive price, you can own this very efficient and yet complete system.

With its touch screen technology and graphical interface, it is easy to use and easy to learn.  This system offers a cost effective solution designed to handle your complete operation.


System Specifications


Robot POS (Plus)



Socket 370, Supports Intel Pentium III or Via up to 800 Mhz


2.5" Removable 20 GB

System Memory

64 MB (up to 256 MB)

Standard I/O

4xSerial, 1 Parallel, 2 USB, 1 Keyboard, 1 PS/2 Mouse interface


PCI Plug & Play Ethernet Controller. Support 10/100 Mbps Data Transfer rates


Pin-header connector for the optional connector

Floppy Drive

3.5 1.44 Mb Internal (Optional)

CD ROM Drive

24xCD-ROM Internal (Optional)

LCD Display

High Brightness 13.3 (1024X768) TFT LCD

Touch Screen

Elo 5 wire resistive

Magnetic Swipe Reader

Dual Track Magnetic Swipe Reader (Option)


Operation System

MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Linux

  Warranty   1 year